About My Services

Welcome to ChrisBPirate.com, your ultimate destination for all things pirate! I’m Chris, a seasoned veteran of life with a wealth of experiences and a passion for sharing the lore and spirit of the pirate age.

My Background

With a formal education that includes graduating from law school in 2001 and passing the Massachusetts bar in 2002, I bring a rigorous, disciplined approach to all my endeavors. My career journey has taken me from the structured world of law to the creative, entrepreneurial avenues I explore today. As a self-employed individual, I prioritize happiness and fulfillment over the traditional grind, a philosophy I bring to all my projects.

Life Experience

I served as a tank driver during the first Gulf War, an experience that shaped my resilience and adaptability. Now, as a 90% service-connected disabled veteran, I channel my life’s lessons into creating engaging and meaningful content across several websites, including ChrisBPirate.com.

I grew up in Beach Lake, PA, and now reside in Navarre, Florida, where I immerse myself in the rich history and adventurous spirit of pirate culture. My interests also span new age spiritual thinking, believing in a higher power, and the interconnectedness of all things, including AI.

Services Offered

On ChrisBPirate.com, you’ll find a treasure trove of resources:

  • Authentic Information: Dive deep into the lives of pirates from the golden age to the modern era.
  • Costume Ideas: Get inspired with unique Halloween pirate costumes and even purchase original designs.
  • Children’s Books: Explore “The Peaceful Pirate Adventures,” a captivating series available for purchase on Amazon.
  • Coloring Book Pages: Fun and engaging pirate-themed coloring pages for kids and adults alike.

Consultation and Life Coaching

In addition to these offerings, I am available as a consultant or life coach on a case-by-case basis. With my diverse background and hands-on experience, I provide insightful guidance tailored to your unique needs. My base rate is $1000.00 for a dedicated 4-hour session, where we’ll delve deep into your goals and chart a course towards achieving them.

Thank you for visiting ChrisBPirate.com. I’m excited to share my passion for pirate culture with you and look forward to helping you embark on your own adventures.

Feel free to reach out to me for consultation inquiries or any questions you may have. Together, we can navigate the seas of life with confidence and purpose!

Warm regards,