Child Conscious Constitutional Co-parenting

To be a Child Conscious Constitutional Co-parenting practitioner –

you must recognize along with your child’s other parent that only you and your child’s other parent know what is best for your child, that regardless of the marital status, you are bound together as a family by your child, that you are predisposed to react to the World and hence parent your child based on what you learned from the events in your childhood so you acknowledge now that all people are entitled to be treated in a loving, respectful, nurturing manner always, that the behavior of a person may be bad. Still, the person is not bad. Where the government is instituted among people based on individual rights, its role in the family is confined to rescuing family members from documented abuse as appropriate to the situation; otherwise, each parent and child is entitled to equal time together. The state may only interpose its authority over a family where the strictest of scrutiny has been applied, and there is no other way to achieve a compelling state interest.

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